Computer Rentals

Computers have been, and still nonetheless remain, one of the most famous IT gear choices accessible to hire today. Functional, professional and modern. Computers nonetheless take pride in offices across the world and are an essential part of any successful business. Rent a laptop and minimize costs. Rent a laptop by filling out the form on the book computer below. Laptop hire/laptop rental is easy, you don’t need to pay for deposit. 



Renting a scanner has never been easier thanks to Leroba Corporate Rentals. Simply pick the one you want, give our expert team a call and we’ll do the rest. In no time you’ll have an efficient, speedy scanner which will sure to meet your every business need. Renting a scanner is more sufficient than buying one. A scanner lets you scan your documents and gives you the option for colour or black and white.



Whether you’re looking for a high-end laser printer or simple, desktop printer, here at Leroba Corporate Rentals we understand how a simple thing like a broken, unreliable printer can have a massive detrimental effect on a business – that’s why we only offer high-quality printers to rent.

Rent a printer with us and you get the benefits. Printer hire is made simple, just click the button below and get a desktop printer/simple printer. You can also use the book now button to hire a high-quality printer. Printers for rent is much simpler with us as we have a variety of options just for you.


With all our screens from big brand manufacturers including Samsung, Panasonic, LG, NEC and Sharp to name a few, we can guarantee you will get stunning image quality from these high resolution, high definition screens. We have invested in the latest technology and provide short term hire of 3D Display Screens for your eye catching presentations and displays. Each screen can be supplied with 3D glasses for rental to ensure your audience can see the stunning display on show.


Networking is a major part of any company – make sure your business stays connected 24/7 by renting networking equipment with Leroba Corporate Rentals today. Available to rent for as little as one day or for as long as three years. The networking equipment for rental on Leroba Corporate Rentals provides real value for money with each and every rental. Renting networking equipment is cost effective. In this category we have switch rentals , server rentals and router rentals.

More products

When your current monitor is giving you problems you can consider renting with us. We have a variety of products which are keyboard and mouse rentals, multi-media rentals and much more including monitor rentals.


We simplify rentals for you into three categories.
  1. Short Term rentals
  2. Month-To-Month rentals
  3. Long Term rentals
Let our skilled sales team give you the best option for your business.
If you need equipment for your office, or for longer projects at affordable prices, we offer short 6-month contracts. Rent until you are ready to return. Choose from refurbished or newer models.

  • Ideal for: Ongoing office use, longer term projects, call centres, new businesses, flexibility
  • Why Rent? Quick delivery, cost-effective, easier account approvals, return anytime*, covered against theft and damage, next day repair or replacement, rent while you decide to finance, buy or rent
  • If you are looking to rent for 24-36 months, we offer innovative rental finance options

  • Ideal for: Businesses looking to finance their IT and office equipment over 24 or 36 months.
  • Why Rent: Rental finance combines Asset Finance with the benefit of rentals
  • Why Rent with us?: Rental through a finance house is just a finance solution. With Go Rentals you get logistics, warranty assistance, Asset Management and more
  • This is much like renting a car. You rent it for a specific project, and return it when you are done. To make it super-convenient for you, we offer a huge host of products and services to simplify if for you, like 3g data, technical services, theft and damage waivers and hundreds of other products.

  • Ideal for: Training, exhibitions and events, promotions, disaster recovery, film, proof of concept
  • How it works: We carry large quantities of stock on the shelf, and can deliver on short notice